These are some of the clients I have guided and supported.



“The biggest action or result of our meetings is that I am unstuck!  I feel in control and more confident of my decisions.  I am moving forward in my marketing plan.  I am maintaining a balance between my personal life and the business.  As a result of our meetings, I have accomplished, or taken major steps to accomplish all the items I had identified in the initial questionnaire as things I was unsure about, or did not know how to do.”


“When my partner and I first hired Eileen Shine, we were looking for someone to lead us through the process of finding our voice and clarifying our services. We knew we had a good idea and that people would want to hire us, but we needed someone to help us define the message. Eileen was very knowledgeable and the perfect fit for our project. Since working with her we have developed our marketing material and website and are on the verge of launching our campaign. Not only is Eileen a talented professional, but she is also a caring person who makes it easy to tackle those intimidating tasks. Working with Eileen has made our company stronger.”


“I had started a Health Coaching Business and was struggling with the marketing of the business. Eileen started with a foundation of building me up personally to realize the gifts & talents I have to offer. She has provided lots of support and encouragement in a very nurturing way. Her style is very playful and makes hurtles easier and the disappointments less. Starting a business is a noble and large undertaking that requires that you continue to grow and press onward. The tools and the partnership with Eileen have been a huge asset! I have realized personal & professional growth that was made much more effective. I have zoomed in & chose several target groups and designed marketing pieces that Eileen helped to refine the wording for the pieces.”

“Eileen’s Approach: Eileen is a profound listener who translates desires into tasks that are measurable and doable. She is very intuitive with a beautiful spirit, heart and willingness to meet me where I am. Her style is one filled with insight, calm reflection and prudent forethought. She helps one to realize that we are the architects of our own destinies and helps to create an action plan followed up by encouragement. It is always a delight and a pleasurable experience to work with Eileen.”


“Working with Eileen was a very positive experience for me. She is an excellent listener, sounding board and coach. I felt like she took the time to really understand my situation and together we came up with a plan, broken into bite size pieces. She encouraged me and lovingly held me accountable. I would recommend her to everyone!”


Eileen’s wonderful encouragement and suggestions have definitely eased the way and she has been an inspiring partner of accountability.  I would not be nearly as far along in my goals without her.”


“I have used Eileen Shine’s services for the last couple of years. Originally to help my personal health and wellness needs to recently with my new business venture. I came to Eileen with confusion about my business and where it was headed. My biggest challenge was taking what was in my heart and expressing it in a way that would have meaning to my audience. She asked me intuitive questions allowing me to discover my personal power and voice and then guided me in how to share it with others. Eileen helped me in branding my studio: name, insight on logos, and helped me with a successful Open House. She kept me accountable for my work and is always available when I had any questions. The results are a yoga studio with a clear vision, business tools to aid in it’s success, like-hearted students, and passionate teachers. Her expertise has proven to be invaluable to my business and growth as a person and business woman.”


“I have never been able to effectively move myself forward with consistency on projects requiring organization and sustained effort. I’ve had no problem completing assignments at work, but at home it has been a different story. My sessions with Eileen helped me to uncover some of the beliefs I had about success and self worth that were holding me back. She helped me to replace those fears with positive thoughts that moved me toward completion of my goals.I am now not only more organized and efficient but happier when working towards my goals. And I have actually had the pleasure of seeing completed projects. Working with her has made a huge difference in the way I feel about myself and my life. Thank you Eileen.”