Option Three

One-on-One Pick Me Up 3-Pack

Shine Whole Life Marketing Coaching Package:

Most popular for when you’re stuck figuring out some of the fundamental areas of your current Marketing Plan that are necessary for success.

Working side-by-side with me to create or fine-tune aspects of your business. It’s an opportunity to ask all those marketing questions you’ve been wondering about.

Types of things that can be covered in 3 sessions are:

  • Elevator Speech–How to stand out and introduce yourself confidently and comfortably
  • Your Ideal Client Strategies–Find out how and where to focus your attention so your ideal clients know where to find you and you know how to reach them
  • Networking–How to meet people who would make ideal customers and clients

What you get: (3) 55 Minute Coaching Sessions: $297

Payment options: $297 paid in full, or two payments of $175; first payment up to two weeks prior to start of first class; second payment at first class.

What it’s like to work with me:

Partnering with someone on your business life, or your personal life, can be a big step. It can reveal some areas that are a struggle or difficult to get past.

But it’s hard to go it alone. We need an objective perspective so we can get out of the mud. I can help. But it takes work. It takes focus. It takes devotion. Oh yes, and FUN along the way is important! It’s not all work and no play. The balance of both is what makes us see ourselves through a clearer lens.

  • I will hold you accountable for making significant progress so you don’t get sidetracked on other tasks that interrupt you. Does email ring a bell?
  • I will prompt you for more clarifying data when it’s appropriate and necessary.
  • I am trustworthy, compassionate and understanding and you can feel ‘safe’ with me.
  • I will keep things light and create some fun along the way so it doesn’t become mundane or tedious.