I’m Feeling Tired And Out Of Shape

We want to be well and look and feel great. We yearn to be in control of our health and to feel better about our life. We imagine it, we remember how it used to feel, but we remain stagnant and unfulfilled. So why don’t we change?

Perhaps you are in a place NOW that begs you to feel healthy, vibrant and at peace inside.

Now is YOUR time to Shine!

Shine Whole Life Wellness Coaching

I offer well coaching services to support and encourage you to tap into your inner wisdom and strengths to create a long-lasting plan to live a healthy life.

What you can expect from working with me as your wellness coach:

  • We will connect wellness, health, and fitness to what you value most by looking at where you are now and create where it is that you want to go
  • We develop your vision for how you see your life in a reasonably and attainable timeframe.
  • We develop a wellness, health, and fitness behavioral plan that is personally tailored to your circumstances and capacities.

As your wellness coach, I will:

  • Create a safe, non-judgmental and genuine space for us to be collaborative and co-creative partners to reach your wellness vision and goals and create deep and sustainable changers that are life-lasting.
  • Assist you in discovering your strengths that will be your greatest ally
  • Help you clarify and articulate your values so your goals align with what matters most to you
  • Increase your awareness by asking you questions that help set your priorities and meet your challenges
  • Collaborate with you to brainstorm possibilities and ideas for change
  • Encourage and motivate you to design positive actions to manifest your success!
  • Be professional, trustworthy, compassionate, non-judgmental, sincere
  • Make it fun!!!

What our time together will look like:

First, a 90-minute session together when we talk about what your life would look like based upon the goals you have: weight, mind/body/spirit connection, vitality; and what inhibitors you have for meeting these goals; what strengths within you do you have to move yourself forward.

Second, we jump right into creating an action plan.

We have a series of follow on 30-45 minutes session together to make sure you are on track with your progress and you are aligned with what you imagine your life would look like when you are aligned with you goals.

WHAT IT IS: One-on-one Wellness Coaching

WHAT YOU GET: (1) 90-minute session followed by 30-45 minute sessions working through your goals and creating action plans that you’ve identified.

Recommended commitment is 3-6 months so you have consistent, successful, shifts in your health and well being.

Investment in your life:

First session: $99

Follow on sessions (30-45 minutes every two weeks): $75 per session

Three month commitment package (every two weeks): 1 payment of $597 or two payments of $325

Six month commitment package (every two weeks): 1 payment of $1197 or two payments of $650

Payments due two weeks prior to session and at start of first session.


Shine from the inside out