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A welcoming place to be with like-minded small business owners. $19.97/DIY Membership; $97/month Mastermind membership + class offering discounts for members.

Enjoy the camaraderie, mentorship and support of your classmates taking in the same information and spawning ideas that help you grow your business! You Grow Together! And make new friends sharing the same experiences!

What is the DIY Marketing Center?

Located in Vancouver/Portland Area On and Off Site

The DIY Marketing Center is a member-based interactive (meaning highly participative) coaching, training and support program that focuses on marketing and business development for small office/home office-based business owners. We show small business owners how to attract more great clients (or customers or patients, whatever they call the community they serve)–the kind that pay with a smile, stay as long as there are products or services to buy, and refer like they have a financial interest.

Through virtual and on-site classes, workshops, and meetings, the DIY MC shows small business owners how to implement marketing and business strategies that attract clients, generate revenue, and build profitable relationships.

What’s included in the DIY Marketing Center Membership: 

  • Weekly accountability–imagine starting off the week by checking in with your coach and getting encouragement, support, and answers to your most pressing questions
  • Live group coaching
  • Small group facilitated masterminding
  • Advanced Strategies classes with experts
  • Huge discounts on public programs

And so much more! (click here)

Discover how the DIY Marketing Center can help YOUR business grow