About Eileen

Hello from Shine…Eileen Shine

I’m Eileen Shine, your Whole Life Marketing Coach and Small Business owner of Shine Whole Life Marketing.

I created Shine Whole Life Marketing because I saw many women struggling in high stress careers or jobs that were sacrificing their health and well being, but they were apprehensive about leaving because of the regular paycheck. Talented, creative, intelligent women having the desire or the dream or the passion to do something different, something on their own, but afraid of failure because, let’s face it, so many small businesses don’t make it.

What many don’t realize is that it goes far beyond having a cool product, service or experience. Great marketing means great relationships with clients (or customers or patients).

I had my own fears and doubts too. After numerous layoff threats and serious corporate culture stress, I left my own marketing career. I took time to reflect and re-focus not only my business life, but my personal life as well. I then made the “big decision” to start my own marketing business. I knew that it was time to step out of the norm, out of the familiar. Scary stuff, but invigorating, exciting and FUN! The kicker was that this experience made me realize that I could coach other women entrepreneurs how to build a healthy, thriving, business while maintaining their own health and well being along the way. I could “walk my talk” because it was so familiar to me.

It takes enormous courage to step out of the mold and try something brand new.  The funny thing is…that something new is likely not new for us at all…a piece of that feeling just needs to be rediscovered and when we pursue a desire, a dream or a vision, and we make it come to fruition?  Well, that is just thrilling and liberating!

To run a healthy business AND be healthy for those you so deeply care about (including yourself), YOU need to be your happiest, best and brilliant self!

This is Shine Whole Life Marketing!


Try my marketing coaching or classes to get clear about how to be laser-focused in marketing your new business; or give your current business a boost.

Focus on the JOY of serving your absolute ideal clients rather than spending sleepless nights trying to figure out how to find the next one, or dreading the ones you have and would like to let go but the income is necessary.

If you are ready to make more money and bring Whole Life Marketing into your business, schedule your Marketing Assessment here.

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Eileen is is the owner of Shine Whole Life Marketing and an official instructor for the DIY Marketing Center.

The DIY Marketing Center (DIYMC) is led by Veronika Noize, managing director and founder.  Noize is a veteran marketer, having worked in both consumer products on such properties as Star Wars, Magic: The Gathering, and the X-Files, as well as in business-to-business marketing. As a certified coach and instructor for DIYMC, Eileen teaches and brings this proven marketing system to small business owners.

With nearly twenty years of corporate experience in project and program management with national and international teams, Eileen brings big business expertise to the entrepreneur and small business owner. And as an entrepreneur herself, Eileen is familiar with the pressures of owning a small business. Eileen enjoys coaching women entrepreneurs through the process of developing and implementing their marketing plans as well as seeing their success be matched with a healthy approach to their business.  Eileen’s clients enjoy and appreciate her business sense matched with her sensitivity to really understand their situations and collaboratively design plans that are attainable without sacrificing what is important in other aspects of their life.

Eileen is also a certified Wellness Coach through Well Coaches, Inc.  Well Coaches, Inc. is endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine.  Eileen is a certified Yoga Alliance RYT 200 yoga instructor.  She teaches part time at Breathe Yoga and Massage in Vancouver, WA.

Women entrepreneurs can find like-minded business owners, group classes, and individual coaching programs through Shine Whole Life Marketing.